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March 25, 2005

This Has To Be Japan

I went to the Robo-One Robot competition in Tokyo last Sunday, and the crowds were very impressive - quite a turn out for a 'geek' event that’s kind of like robot sumo wrestling with walking robots.

The real fanatics showed up early and made sure that they got the seats down in front. The semi-fanatics showed up a little latter and sucked up the remaining seats. The wannabe's, myself included, slept late and showed up just as the fun was starting - but had to stand in back of the crowd.


That's okay for me since I'm just under 2 meters tall. I can usually see over the heads of people in front of me. And, if that fails, I have a Sony F-717 digital camera that does one of those funny contortions between the lens and camera body, so it's easy to hold it up and take photos that wouldn't normally be possible.

But what do you do if you're not as tall as me?

Simple - you stand on a chair. And, if you're Japanese and you want to stand on a chair what do you do?


As I said before, in spite of all the crowds, everyone was extremely polite and respectful - even to the chairs. This is definitely Japan . . .

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