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September 05, 2004

Building Teams

I've been doing a lot of work recently centered around team building, especially the impact of cultural norms on our ability to build effective teams. It may seem odd, but it appears that our cultural norms - what we perceive to be "common sense" - take precedence over what we have learned in business school or think logically should happen.


Some of the cases I want to explore further include how the NLP observation that "We like people like us" impacts team selection and the resulting dynamics. From a psychological perspective, we tend to bond with people that share our own personal frame - our view of the world. Often we are not consciously aware of it, but it dictates our behavior and our team selections nevertheless.

There are also span of control and leadership/motivational factors worth exploring. For example, why is it that companies from one culture have been extremely successful at building management teams in certain market spaces, and have failed miserably in others while companies from a different culture have exactly the opposite experience?

I also want to explore the core skills and traits of effective team managers. How do they put together, balance, and motivate successful teams. Is their basic profile significantly different from a successful engineer, or sales manager, or manufacturing plant manager? Experience leads me to believe that the answer is yes.

That being said, how are they identified, promoted, and proactively supported so that we can make the best use of their unique talents?

And, how does all this playout in today's highly competitive, global economy?

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