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micromouse japan Micromouse Videos Micromouse competition videos - primarily from Japanese contests including the All Japan events
Image00380 Other Robot Videos Everything wierd and wonderful about robots that doesn't fit into any other category including NUVO, Walkie Bits, Hello Kitty robot, Mr. Soccer, and others.
robo-one robot battle Robo-One Battle Robot Videos Articles and videos from Japanese competitions, overseas exhibitions, and related robots in action.
Image00332 Robopet Videos WowWee Robopet robot – put through its paces.
Image00301 Roboraptor Videos WowWee Roboraptor robot – everything from a simple video of its nose sensors to long exploration and demonstration videos.
Image00127 Robosapien Videos WowWee Robosapien robots in action!
Image00454 Robot Sumo Videos Robot Sumo competition videos - mainly recorded at competitions in Japan

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