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Roboraptor Videos
Image00299 11/16/2005 Roboraptor - Basic Moves - Short video clip showing the basic Roboraptor moves and sounds. [via Game Watch – Japan]
Image00300 11/16/2005 Roboraptor - Lower Jaw - Shows the Roboraptors reaction when you touch its lower jaw. [via Game Watch – Japan]
Image00301 11/16/2005 Roboraptor - Mouth Switch - Shows the Roboraptors reaction when you touch the switch in the roof of its mouth. [via Game Watch – Japan]
roboraptor nose sensors 10/21/2005 Roboraptor -Nose Sensors - The Roboraptor's nose hides IR sensors that tell it when any obstacle or person is close. It turns out that video cameras are sensitive to IR and you can capture the flashing sensors with your camera.
roboraptor moods (video) 10/19/2005 Exploring Roboraptor's Moods - Roboraptor has three distinct moods, and behaves quite differently in each mood, but a little exploration with a video camera quickly gives you a feel for what it's all about.
Image00138 10/16/2005 Cats Are Smarter Than Dogs - Roboraptor fooled our dog into thinking it was alive, but it sure didn't fool Carl's cat.
Roboraptor roams 10/10/2005 Roboraptor Roaming - We took our Roboraptor upstairs, turned on the video camera, put him into roaming mode, and followed him around watching the fun.


10/10/2005 Roboraptor vs. Austin the Dog - Roboraptor tries to capture Austin's favorite toy. Of course Austin starts barking, which attracts the robot making him go after Austin. . .

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The Roboraptor is Amazing!!!

Posted by: Edd | Dec 15, 2005 9:17:38 PM

We bought our daughter the roboraptor for Christmas. It didn't come with instructions. I thought I could print them out. Please send them to me.

Posted by: karen grose | Feb 6, 2006 5:36:17 AM

Great info. I want one

Posted by: Ditty | Sep 25, 2006 7:15:48 AM

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