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Robopet Videos
Image00345 11/23/2005 Robopet Linkages - Robopet uses some really creative linkage design for its legs coupled with a body twisting motion to simulate a walk that is pretty amazing.
Image00470 11/22/2005 My Puppy Has No Knees! - the Robopet robot manages to simulate walking, jumping, sitting up and begging, rocking back and forth, to the point that it really resembles a real dog. Yet its legs have no knees or ankle joints.
Image00335 11/20/2005 Robopet Edge Detection - the Robopet has limited edge detection capability. This article and video give a good overview of what happens when the Robopet approaches the edge of a table.
Image00332 11/20/2005 Teaching A New Dog New Tricks - Demo of the Robopet showing off many of its tricks along with an article that gives some hints about how to control the robot.
Image00428 11/20/2005 Robopet Voice Control - Robert successfully expanded the Robosapien Dance Machine software so that it will be able to control the Robopet using your voice. The new capability isn't released yet (11/20/2005), but Robert has posted a video showing how it will work.
Image00277 11/13/2005 Stupid Robopet Tricks - short video showing some Robopet tricks and moves, and the difficulty of getting it to repeat moves consistently.
Image00475 11/9/2005 Robopet Movements - One minute videoclip by Matthais Matting with good closeup views of the Robopet motion and ability to stand back up.
robosapien v2 and robopet video 10/23/2005 Robosapien V2 and Robotpet - Evolutionshops.com (France) video showing the interaction between the Robosapien V2 robot and the Robopet..

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