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Robo-One Videos
Image00470 12/15/2005 KHR-1 is a Television Star! - The KHR-1 robot was featured on the popular Fox Channel television series "Bones"
Image00455 12/10/2005 Run Robot, Run! - OmniZero2, the Robo-One battle robot, won a 3 meter sprint competition in under six seconds.
Image00593 12/9/2005 Robo-One Grand Prix - Great Majingaa - The Great Majingaa walked away with the top prize after defeating three other battle robots.
Image00420 12/4/2005 Merry Robot Christmas! - Robo-One battle robots don Santa Claus outfits for the final competition of 2005 in Tokyo.
Image00419 12/4/2005 Nuvo Goes To College - eNuvo2 – student learning version of Nuvo shown at the IREX-2005 robotics show in Tokyo
Image00554 12/2/2005 Robonova - Up Close and Personal - Close-up video of Robonova going through his paces.
Image00518 11/28/2005 Tito Walks! - Spanish bipedal robot developed independently was featured at the November, 2005 Dorkbot Madrid meeting. Post includes three video clips of Tito in action.
Image00471 11/22/2005 Robots Battle It Out On Television - The Robo-One battle robots are so popular in Japan that a prime time television program staged a Robot Battle Gran Prix that was broadcast every week for over a month.
Image00391 11/12/2005 Robot Fever - What's Next? - Article on Robo-One, RoboNova and Robofie bipedal battle robots that includes links to websites with video clips..
robonova robo-one battle robot 10/31/2005 Robo-One Robot Close-Up - Visit to the Tsukumo robot store headquarters in Akihabara and a video clip showing a Kondo KHR-1 robot being put through its paces.
robosapien vs robo-one 10/30/2005 Robosapien vs. Robo-One: Battle Video - Pete Covert's video showing what happens when one of the Japanese Robo-One battle robots goes head to head against the original Robosapien.
robo-one battle robot majingaa 10/29/2005 Here's One That Will Blow Your Socks Off - Video of the Great Majinga Robo-One robot balancing on one foot, bending over to pick up a ball, balancing it on the edge of his sword, then sending it soaring across the room.
robo-one robot battle 10/28/2005 Robo-One Video Clips - 7th Competition - Links to several videos including matches between TAEKWON-V vs. Yokozuna Great, Great Majingaa vs. MYRO 3, Great Majingaa vs. TAEKWON-V, and the Big Rumble.
robonova robo-one robot 10/24/2005 Robot Ballet - The Robonova robot will be released in mid-November, and the promotional videos make its performance look just like a robot ballet.
great majinga robo-one robot 10/24/2005 Zap! Pow! Slam! - Controlling a Robo-One Robot - Article and video explaining a very unique harness control system used by the Great Majingaa Robo-One robot.
robo-one robot competition tokyo japan 10/21/2005 Robo-One Demonstrations - The opening ceremonies for every major Robo-One competition always include really interesting demonstrations of their abilities including walking up a flight of stairs, doing push-ups, etc..
Image00105 10/1/2005 MANOI - Press Conference - The MANOI bipedal robot was introduced to the Japanese media a press conference in late September.

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I am looking for parts to build my own robo-one but I am having a hard time finding companies

Posted by: Eric Walton | Jan 4, 2006 1:42:46 PM

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