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Miscellaneous Robot Videos


12/15/2005 WhiteGoat - Research Robot With Practical Application - a very unique robot with 8 legs that can move sideways rapidly while running.


12/14/2005 Article on PC-Watch Asimo Coverage - includes links to the PC-Watch Asimo press release articles and instructions on how to find the Asimo videos


12/14/2005 Asimo Runs Rings Around You - The latest Asimo robot developed by Honda not only runs, it can run while turning corners.. . . .


12/12/2005 Walkie Bits Robot Turtles Rock! - The cute little turtle robots from Takara turned out to be even more fun than we expected.. . . .


12/7/2005 Robot Bugs - Wonder Borg - Young Japanese robot experimentors develop their skills building robot bugs . . . .


12/5/2005 Pacman - The Rest of the Story - Pacman and Micromouse were born just over 25 years ago, and share a lot of the same history. Namco built a huge Pacman game to celebrate. . . .


12/4/2005 Taking Your Robot For A Walk - Japanese robot dog that followed its master around the IREX-2005 robotics show in Tokyo.


12/1/2005 Walkie Bits on Video - Walkie Bits - the really cute robot turtles from Takara - are starting to show up in videos online.


12/1/2005 Micromouse or Micro-Bantha? - One of the most interesting and unusual robot designs at the All Japan Micromouse Contest was this quadruped walking mouse.
Image00380 11/27/2005 NUVO Robot in Action - The NUVO robot captured doing its thing – walking, taking a video, and swinging its handless arms around in the air. . .
Image00373 11/27/2005 CAM-10 Robot vs. Austin the Dog - We wanted to see if even the simplest robot would fool our dog into thinking it was alive. Well, we found out. . .
Image00371 11/26/2005 Hello Kitty Robot - At a Tokyo trade show the Hello Kitty robot tried to entertain and engage attendees. The one minute video clip shows Hello Kitty singing, flashing lights, and moving its arms.
11/24/2005 Leave It To Roll-Oh - Delightful 9 minute video on the future of robotics and robots in everyday use that was produced for the 1940 New York Worlds Fair..
Image00344 11/2/2005 Japanese Robots Play American Football - Article about Japanese robots playing a highly modified game of American football with links to game videos.
Mr. Soccer - robot soccer game 10/30/2005 Mr. Soccer: Robot soccer set - Demonstration video of the Mr. Soccer set robots including a discussion of how the robot mechanicals operate, and why it probably isn't a good hacking platform.
sony qrio robot 10/27/2005 Just A Song And Dance Man ... Robot - Video links showing the Sony QRIO robot doing dance routinues (3 min. 26 sec.); walking, running, and hopping (1 min. 36 sec.).
asimo 10/21/2005 ASIMO Dances With School Kids - ASIMO, the famous HONDA bipedal robot does road shows in Japan to encourage parents to buy new cars.
robot job interview 10/17/2005 Job Interview - 2010 - Robot development is advancing so fast that by 2010 the typical job interview will look like this - but which one of them is doing the hiring?.

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