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Micromouse Videos


12/1/2005 Micromouse or Micro-Bantha? - One of the most interesting and unusual robot designs at the All Japan Micromouse Contest was this quadruped walking mouse.
Image00395 11/30/2005 David Otten Interview - David has been involved in micromouse competitions almost from the very beginning. This video interview took place during the 26th All Japan Micromouse Contest held in Tokyo, November, 2005


11/30/2005 BR3S - 26th All Japan Micromouse Expert Class Winner - Developed by Yin Hsiang Ting of Singapore, this mouse walked away with the top prize.
Image00392 11/30/2005 Ng Beng Kiat's MIN4A in Japan - The master returns to the All Japan Micromouse Contest, and captures second place with an outstanding performance.
micromouse japan 11/04/2005 Foriegn Competitors Can Win In Japan - Article on non-Japanese micromouse competitors winning competitions in Japan. Includes links to winning runs.
micromouse 11/01/2005 Micromouse or Race Car? - Article on the advanced, 6-wheeled micromouse design used by some Japanese competitors. Includes links to competition videos.
David Otten's micromouse - 2004 10/13/2005 All Japan Micromouse Contest - 2004 - Video clips from the 25th annual competition held in Tokyo, Japan.

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